Brief introduction

Brief introduction

Since 2011, OBSERVE Consulting have been working in Consultancy, Training and for implementation of management system standards. In the first quarter of 2014, we launched our independent audit service as external (2nd party) auditing.

We have worked on following sectors.

  • Food manufacturing and processing,
  • Foreign trade and distribution,
  • Construction material processing,
  • Banking,
  • Energy
  • Communication


The principle in our service provision is “Rolex maker”. Providing our service for many organizations, having many customers, is not our purpose.

We agree that customer satisfaction is only criteria for our service provision. All of our client will certainly be certified or achieved certification. But we don’t agree only successful certification is not criteria for our service provision.  


  • VISION:    To be first choice for management consultancy industy in nation 


  • MISSION: To provide a service that could meet or exceed customer expectation first time and every time. 


  • VALUE:
    • Collaboration 
    • Effort 
    • Respect 
    • Trust 
    • Integrity


Our main activities are:

Our customers