Why organization implement ISO standard?

Why organization implement ISO standard?

The management system standards are avocational not compulsory.

The Investors and interested parties considers seriuosly the sustainability of the business.

For any business which wants investment, implementing a management system and evaluating it by external body is an effective way to demonstrate sustainability of their business.  

And when they are procuring product and service, organization considers capability of their supplier and subcontractors in order to avoid any risks.

Of course there are several kind of risks in modern business world, it has been defined that following risks are most critical, such as; 

  • Capability (Quality),
  • Environmental
  • Health and Safety  of human being
  • Social
  • Food safety

In purpose of avoiding such risks and demonstrating their capability, organization does implement ISO’ management system standard(s) and get certified by independent certification body.

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